Thursday, February 23, 2006

Did The Insurgents Succeed or Fail?

It most likely wasn’t Iraqi Sunnis who blew up the “Golden Dome” mosque in Samara, Iraq, yesterday. And if it were Moslems, they weren’t very religious. My guess is that the perpetrators of the crime were either Al Qeada, or agents from Iran or Syria, or Baathist/Saddamist insurgents. But fanatics or not, they were not very religious. The timing was right for their purposes; just as the newly elected government was forming coalitions and alliances between Shiite and Sunni, the act of terrorism served to foment civil war between those two volatile sects. Immediately after the demolition of the mosque, an important Holy Shrine to the Shiites, backlash riots and murders were carried out against the Iraqi Sunni population, these also most likely provoked by insurgents. It seems that a terrorist mission has succeeded in its purpose.
Or has it? Along with the sectarian acts of violence are even larger demonstrations of unity between the Shiite and Sunni factions. As the initial reaction cools, Iraqis are beginning to realize that the act of terrorism was meant to ignite violence among themselves. I feel that eventually, the act will result in backlash against the militants. Incidences of civilians turning insurgents in to the authorities, and of civilians physically fighting against the foreign insurgents will increase. It will ultimately unite Sunni and Shiite in opposition to those who would commit blasphemy for the sake of taking away what they have come to treasure: Freedom.

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