Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Document the Immigrants

President Bush's plan to allow all immigrant workers to register in his proposed "Guest Worker Program" has been greatly misunderstood. Some think that it is "amnesty," and would allow and even encourage more non-US citizens to come into the United States. That is not true. Others seem to think that it would encourage more "sweat shops" in the US, where employers could hire workers for only 5 dollars a day. That, also is not true.
The reason for the Guest Worker program is this: to document the illegal aliens, so we can (1) keep track of who and where they are, (2) collect income tax, medicare tax, and social security tax from them, and (3) put an end sweatshops; because the workers, and the work they do will be documented, and employers would be subject to the same wage laws as they are with U.S. citizen employees.

Of course, as a Libertarian, following the Libertarian Party principles, I am, theoretically and philosophically against the idea, as I don't believe the Government should have any business regulating privately owned businesses, but, pragmatically, this is an idea which I feel is necessary in the status-quo government relationship we have now.

Of course, there would still be those who will refuse to be documented, so concerning them, the program wouldn't matter anyway. They were and would still be illegals. But for those who really come into our country to work, it could only help our economy.

Last year, immigrant workers from Mexico sent 19 billion dollars home to families in Mexico. The Guest Worker plan, if implemented, would keep some of that money in our economy through taxes.

It is important that Congress look at this proposal again, and not play politics. It really is a good plan, considering the circumstances, and if there are ulterior motives, politically speaking, then so be it.

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