Saturday, April 01, 2006

Is McKinney a Flake, or What?

You don't need an April Fool's joke when people like Representative Cynthia McKinney are around. The Georgia Democrat seems to have been looking for a way to get attention by trying to bypass Capitol Police Security at least 5 times during her career.
Most recently she was charged with assault on an officer while trying to bypass security at a congressional office building in Washington,DC.
And she is trying to play the race card. I don't see where she has been treated any differently than anyone else would be, trying to sneak past security, but maybe she feels that she shouldn't have to go through the metal detector or have her ID badge checked because she is an African-American. It was also reported on Fox News yesterday that McKinney was to have held a news conference concerning the incident, one which was to have included Hugo Chavez buddies Harry Belefonte and Danny Glover, Both of whom we know would rather live in Venezuela. I really wish I could end this post with "April Fool," but it seems like McKinney is for real.

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