Friday, April 14, 2006

Shame on Me!

Looking back at some of my more recent posts here, I am somewhat alarmed by the direction I seem to be taking. I feel I must make another disclaimer here. No, make that several disclaimers.
First of all, I do not support, and I do not agree with the current mission of the ACLU. It started out as a noble cause. championing the rights of all citizens in protecting the entire Bill of Rights. However, over the past ten years. Or so, that organization seems to have been taken over by money- and/or power-hungry attorneys who have no moral or ethical values. Like the prohibitionists in the early part of the 20th century, they go about the country with figurative axes, hacking away at any public expression of Faith, in particular, the Christian Faith. The ACLU considers prayer in school “indoctrination.” However, if a schoolteacher is presenting his or her personal political views in class, without presenting any opposing view, that indoctrination is called “freedom of speech.” Freedom of religion has become, to the ACLU, freedom from religion. The ACLU wants to do away with the First Amendment
Secondly, I am not against any person’s right to practice his or her religion. I respect those who wish to express their personal beliefs in public, even if it is beyond what we consider “mainstream.” To me, religion based Faith is a personal matter, and do not intend to criticize others for their beliefs. My target is those who use religion for aggressively political purposes. The extremists who try to shame people into supporting them for their own importance do not represent their beliefs.
Finally, I am not what you would call “politically correct.” I apologize, in advance for using language that may offend others, but I write what I feel at the moment, and such language is meant to be descriptive of a particular person or organization, not a stereotype of an entire segment of society.
Thank-you for your kindness and patience.

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Clance' McClannahan said...

**giggling** You are so sweet. I never apologize for offending someone for what I write on my blog. It's not my problem if they are offended.It's my blog. I can say anything I want. I call it "agreeing to disagree". The only time I will sort of apologize is if my language leans to the f bomb and abusive name calling.I call that "venting". But I will always warn people not to read it prior. Saves apology's for later on.