Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Power to Blog: Part II

In my previous post, I mentioned the importance of free speech. Here are some posts by other bloggers who talk about what happens when you don't have free speech.
While checking the site of one of my favorite bloggers, I found a graphic and horrifying account of what happens when those who wish to keep free speech to themselves use fear to suppress free speech for others. Trevor, the blogger on The Will to Exist, posted an account of the broadcast execution of a young female Muslim reporter by terrorists, and added an interesting commentary of his own.
Free speech is seen as a weapon by those who fear it. Tyrannical governments will suppress free speech to protect themselves. One such government is that of Egypt, where it is illegal to criticize the government or to criticize religions. "Religion" includes jihadism. Another favorite blogger, Egyptian Sandmonkey, has been using his blog to report the recent arrest and imprisonment of bloggers in Egypt, and has been organizing and reporting protests and demonstrations for the freedom of these prisoners. There is also Free Alaa (The Blog)
which includes the petition and other news on the status of the arrested bloggers.
Please take a look at these sites, for they contain some very important news and information, if you value your freedom. It was the belief of the founders of the United States of America, as well as my own, that freedom comes from Nature, not any government.

Highly recommended reading: the Sandmonkey Bio


Trevor said...

I'm watching the reporting on Alaa's situation closely. I hope he is freed soon.

RevJim said...

I hope, with the international outcry the "crackdown," Egypt's government will back off of its policy of kowtowing to the radical fundimentalists. I I remember correctly, they allowed "cartoon demonstrations," and I think the censorship laws are out of fear of offending Al Qaeda.