Thursday, June 29, 2006

Russian Secret Service Ordered to Iraq?

I was wondering how the Russians would react to the murders at the hands of the Islamofascists in Iraq. According to this article, Putin wants to capture the murderers by sending his own Secret Service to Iraq to do the job.
Or does he? He didn't specifically mention that that was his plan. Russia hasn't been involved militarily in Iraq, at all, and, consequently, the Russian military has no idea of who the enemy is in Iraq. The only information they seem to get is the propaganda about why the terrorists are in Iraq, as reported in American newspapers, which still deny that Al Qaeda would be in Iraq if it weren't for our presence there. Read the article hyperlinked above to see what I mean.

Update: Additional Scary Thoughts:
This is the same organization that got all the hostages killed in a hostage situation in Russia last year, and, in another, gassed the terrorists and the hostages in a Russian theater. It is not likely they will be cooperative with the Coalition Forces in Iraq. Their presence could mean trouble.
Russia doesn't hide the fact that it is cozy with Iran, which hasn't been secretive about wanting to subsidize Iraq and its oil fields. What would happen if there were a fire fight between the Russians and the Iraqi Security forces? Would this mean a bigger war? I would like to see more discussion of this in the Media. It deserves attention.

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