Tuesday, March 13, 2007

With Great Respect to the late Gilda Radner

Introducing my guest blogger, Emily Litella

What's all this fuss about Al Kali in Iraq? Isn't the Al Kali Shrine the guys wearing fez's who drive those little cars around in circles in the parades? Certainly they do good for folds with the Shrine Circus and the money they raise for charity, but what are they doing in Iraq, anyway? Perhaps they thought that a circus would help them lift their spirits, but I don't see where a circus would do enough to solve the problems in the Middle East,
anyway. Some people are traumatized by clowns, and the people of Iraq are traumatized enough anyway without having clowns around to traumatize them more.
I don't understand why we need to send troops to get rid of Al Kali in Iraq. It's not like they have weapons or anything. They just have squirt guns and those guns with the little flags that pop out and say "bang!" All we have to do is tell them to leave and they'll probably go somewhere else anyway. If the people in Iraq don't want Al Kali there, all they have to do is...
Eh? Al Qaeda in Iraq?

Never mind!

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