Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Purpose Does it Serve?

Even before General Petraeus delivered his report to Congress, he was being criticised for what he might say. MoveOn, a left wing extremist organization bought a discounted ($100K below the quoted rate) full page ad in the NY Times, which read as follows:
General Petreaus or General Betray us? Cooking the books for the White House.

Now, Jeffery Feldman, of the Huffington Post, claims that "Betray us," does not necessarily imply that the General is a "traitor," and that "cooking the books" does not necessarily imply that he is a "liar."
So, there you have it--MoveOn shelled out $65 grand to say nothing, which is something they should say more often.
Likewise, we can expect Democratic Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to declare that, when she said, "I have to suspend my disbelief, (when listening to the report)," she was not calling the report a lie, nor was she calling the General a "liar."
Such statements do serve a purpose: Now, we know for certain that, when politicians talk about the war as if it were a political issue, they say nothing.


Blue Dog said...

Despicable act by My opinion of President Bush and his management of this war won't change (it's not a good opinion, though, I've never claimed he lied or questioned his motives). But General Petraeus is a fine, honorable man. And there is absolutely no information to suggest otherwise. Now, I have no problem with grilling him from sunup to sundown and asking tough questions. He's a general, that's his job, and he'lll answer them. But General Petraeus did not deserve the crap written in that add. I haven't posted on the Iraq war in a bit myself, because I'm listening and thinking.

RevJim said...

He didn't deserve to be treated like a political lackie either. He delivered the report and answered the questions very professionally, without spinning or sugar coating anything. I think he did a very good job.
Blue Dog--Thank-you for leaving a comment.

Drunkenrantz said...

To his credit, we have not heard a lot from Petraeus slamming his detractors, even though it must smart to take the kind of body slam that MoveOn delivered. He is the commander in theatre, and it is his job to take the criticism of what is happening there as well take credit for the successes. It must gall him tremendously to have to take flack for the non-success of the Iraqi government to get it's shit together. I do not envy him the job, but then I was not asked nor did I volunteer for it. He is a good soldier, and takes the abuse like a good soldier.