Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving is for everyone.

It is sad to me that a small segment of the population feels excluded from the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Even sadder is the fact that these people feel excluded because they want to. You tell them "Happy Thanksgiving," and they act offended and snap "I don't celebrate the death of the Indians."
The fact is that Thanksgiving Day is a day set aside for giving thanks for what we cherish, not about what happened two or three hundred years ago. Though it is important to remember our history--and I say "our history" because I am five generations removed from a Pequod American--what happened in the early days is irrelevent to what we are doing now.
Rather than lamenting what has happened in the past, we should be thankful for what we are and what we have today. The only thing that can oppress us in this country is our own negative feelings about society. Set aside politics and racial pride for just one day, and focus, instead, on the blessings you have today.


Dr. T said...

Those people are also ignorant of the fact that the myth of the first Thanksgiving was all about the Indians helping the Pilgrims, who were thankful for their help. It's actually all about different cultures coming together to help.

Trevor said...

Good words. The day is about being thankful for the good things we have.

bedeboop said...

I agree, the spirit of the holiday is to give thanks for what we have; family, friends, and all that goes with them.