Monday, March 06, 2006

Careful What You Ask For, Soviet America May Be Closer Than You Think

“Those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither” - Benjamin Franklin
Are we closer to becoming a Soviet Union than we thought? If Congress has its way, it is only a matter of weeks before the Sovietization of America begins to become evident.
It started about two months ago, when P&O announced that it was selling its holdings to DPW. I have already written extensively on the details of this deal, and what it means to the U.S., so I won’t go into it here. After the Committee for Foreign Investments in the United States (CIFIUS) investigated and approved the deal, finding no security threat in the deal, NY Democratic Senator Charles Schumer decided to politicize it. He lied to the American Public, saying that a foreign government, namely the UAE, was about to “take over” six American ports. Of course the President didn’t know about it; there was no such deal.
Of course politicians from both sides of the Congressional aisle jumped on the bandwagon, and there are now several proposed bills making it illegal for foreign companies to own port operations in the United States. Note that there were no American companies putting in a bid on P&O operations. That would mean that the taxpayers would have to subsidize American companies so they could buy these operations from the foreign companies. What it basically amounts to is that the US would seize and nationalize foreign assets in the United States. That is the Soviet Way, no matter how you look at it.
It is what Russia did in 1917. It is what Chile did in 1980. It is what Castro did in 1960.
Think what it would do to foreign trade. In the world of international trade, the breaking of agreements is not taken lightly. American goods will be priced out of foreign markets. Jobs will be lost, prices will rise and the quality of life will decline. Defeating tyranny through capitalism will become more difficult; if we treat our allies this way, why would anyone else want a trade agreement with the US?
All of this just so politicians can take a stand in upcoming elections.
And it doesn’t stop at port terminal operations. Those who missed being among the first to jump on Schumer’s bandwagon have now turned their sights on the multinational operations of US companies. Dell, IBM, Ford, GM, and Daimler-Chrysler, among many others, have manufacturing and service operations outside of the United States. There will soon be legislative proposals banning the procurement and use of foreign manufactured products of these corporations by the government. The politicians claim to fear that these items may be rigged for sabotage, and that such legislation would eliminate off-shore outsourcing of jobs. If passed, it would also severely limit profits which are so important to our economy.
A Soviet America would have the same problems as the Eurasian Soviet Union had: widespread poverty, food shortages, and government corruption, to name a few. Putting such restrictions on American Capitalism, as these proposals do, is a giant step towards a Soviet America.
The destruction of the American economy and of global capitalism has been a long-time goal of Al Qaeda and other terrorist and subversive organizations. Our legislators are unwittingly helping our enemies achieve these goals.
Of course, no Congressperson will admit to wanting to help the terrorists. They are merely reacting to poll results, which is what politicians do. They hope they can weaken the Executive Branch, and grab more power for Congress. I trust the Commander-in-Chief and his staff to continue to do a good job executing the war on Terror. It is the job of the President and the Executive branch to make the command decisions, and for Congress to try to take over the job, or to try to second guess the CIC, is an act of usurpery.
Once this so-called “anti-terror” legislation passes--in reality it is anti-capitalism--there will be no stopping it. It will end only when the politburo says it will end.

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