Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Know What I Am, So What Are You?

I have finally come to the understanding that I am “stupid.” On Hannity and Colmes, guest Norman Mailer, the All-American purveyor of pointlessness, stated that President Bush was re-elected because, as he put it, “52% of America is stupid.”
Okay, I’m probably too stupid to realize that the best way to avoid having to state your case is to call those who disagree with you “stupid.” So, I’ll just accept the fact that I am stupid and plod on.
I’m stupid because I believe that our rights under the constitution are better protected by exercising personal responsibility, and by showing respect for other people and their property. I’m too stupid to realize that the best way to protect our rights is to enact laws that take natural rights from some to give special rights to others.
I’m stupid enough to think that the First Amendment means that Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Wiccans, and Native American Spiritualists have as much right to practice their religion as do Atheists.
I’m so stupid that I thought that a tour of duty in Vietnam was one year, not two months, as John Kerry showed us.
It’s pretty dumb to think that private sector and community charities can better care for the disadvantaged and needy than taxpayers’ money and bureaucracy.
My stupidity has led me to believe that the free flow of capital is the best way to create more jobs and to better the quality of life.
I am not smart enough to understand that it’s okay for a tyrant to commit genocide, and to use money which was meant to feed his people for new palaces and bunkers. I always thought that such criminal behavior should be punished. How was I to know that the smart people would just sit back and watch, or at best, ignore such atrocities, while denying that it was even happening?
And how dumb was I to think that it was better to take the war to the enemy, rather than wait for the enemy to bring the war back to our shores?
I’m too stupid to use hate speech as an argument against those with whom I disagree, and I even let those who oppose my views speak their thoughts without interrupting or shouting them down.
Okay, now that I’ve admitted all of that, I think I’ll show what Mr. Mailer might consider a flash of brilliance: Norman, I know what I am, so what are you?

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Trevor said...

It used to be OK for these guys to be arrogant, because the "little people" they offended didn't have their own soapbox from which to defend themselves.

Now they do, and the Normam Mailers of the world are dinosaurs.