Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rock Star Simmons Pulls "Fast One"

“You might want a nice hair-cut French Poodle, but when you’re in a tough neighborhood, you better have a Rottweiller.” - Kiss front man Gene Simmons on why he supports President Bush.
I was in the midst of writing an article on why I strongly support George W. Bush, while listening to Your World, With Neil Cavuto, on Fox News Channel. Simmons was a guest on the business news and information program to promote his venture into the Indy Racing League.
Cavuto often tests his guests on current events issues and opinions, because he is of the philosophy that if one doesn’t have faith in America, one wouldn’t have much faith in the market. Thus, he qualifies his guests on the accuracy of their market and investment suggestions.
“Bush isn’t a politician who does whatever the polls say he should do,” Simmons explained, “he does what he believes is the right thing to do. Whether you love him or hate him, he stands by what he believes in.”
That is very, very close to what I had been writing. So there it is--some of us stand by President Bush because he isn’t a politician, he is a man of principle. I don’t have to finish writing the article I was writing, because what I wanted to say has been said by one of much more celebrity than I, and probably much more succinctly.
Incidentally, Gene Simmons was the guitar player with the wild black on white makeup and the tongue extension who was married to Cher for four months.

I should get to work on my next rant before someone steals my thunder on “Not Conservative, Not Liberal, and Not Moderate.” What, Drew Carey has already explained that on The O'Reilly Factor? Rats!

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